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Rosewood Essential Oil has a unique woodsy, spicy, slightly sweet and floral scent. True Rosewood Essential Oil comes from the Rosewood Tree found in Brazil. It is a widely sought after essential oil that is not readily available due to the endangering of the Rosewood Tree. Each tree takes about 30 years to fully mature. There are now much needed initiatives for sustainable harvesting of Rosewood. It is used in skin care products and perfume. It can also have a grounding and calming effect when used topically and aromatically. Some also use it as an aphrodisiac. Do not ingest. Never put essential oils directly on skin without dilution as they may irritate sensitive skin. Always do a small test patch when using. Ingredients: Pure Organic Rosewood Essential Oil. USDA Organic, Jas-Anz, and ISO Certified.

Organic Rosewood Essential Oil 1 oz.

  • 1 oz Amber colored glass bottle with dropper cap

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