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Said to be one of the oldest and most highly used herbs for soothing digestion issues. Today some use it as a dietary supplement for irritable bowel syndrome, indigestion, stomach pain, to soothe headaches, to help sooth the common cold, muscle aches, itching, to help control bad breath, to help bring clarity and mental focus. It has a very refreshing, strong minty and cool scent so it is also used to purify the air and when used in natural cleaners/surface sprays has been known to keep certain insects and rodents away. Never put essential oils directly on skin without dilution as they may irritate sensitive skin. Do not ingest. Always do a small test patch when using. Ingredients: Pure Organic Peppermint Oil. Imported from Ontario, Canada. Certified Organic by QAI, COR-Kosher Certified and Certified Vegan by VegeCert.  

Organic Peppermint Essential Oil 1 oz

SKU: 105
  • 1 oz Amber colored glass bottle with dropper cap

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