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Neroli comes from the blossom of the bitter orange tree. It has a sweet, spicy yet honey-like scent. In addition to its wonderful smell, it has been said to have many health benefits such as a natural aphrodisiac, to prevent infection, to kill bacteria, help with spasms, help relieve body odor, promote digestion, moisturize the skin and has even been said to have a sedating and calming effect. Never put essential oils directly on skin without dilution as they may irritate sensitive skin. Do not ingest. Always do a small test patch when using. Ingredients: Pure Organic Neroli Oil. FDA Approved, USDA Organic, Jas-Anz, and ISO Certified.

Organic Neroli Essential Oil 1 oz

SKU: 97
  • 1oz Ambered colored glass bottle with dropper cap

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