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Myrrh Oil has a strong earthy, warm, woody and balsamic scent. It has been used for thousands of years for religious and spiritual rituals. It has also been said it has many other beneficial uses such as in incense, to help heal chapped skin, athlete's foot, itching, hemorrhoids, eczema, rashes, to help fight fungal infections, heal wounds & burns, to help prevent wrinkles and much more. Myrrh Oil tends to be thicker than most essential oils. Sometimes it can look "sappy". Never put essential oils directly on skin without dilution as they may irritate sensitive skin. Do not ingest. Always do a small test patch when using. Ingredients: Pure Organic Star Anise Oil. FDA Approved, USDA Organic, Jas-Anz, and ISO Certified.

Organic Myrrh Essential Oil 1 oz

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$35.95 Regular Price
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  • Small round clear 1oz plastic container with a screw on lid (due to the thickness of this oil). You wil be able to use all of the product that way instead of losing 1/4 of it in a glass bottle. 

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